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Elizabeth C.

Stockton, CA


What can I say as a dental patient of Western Dental for years me and my family there is no comparison ! Finding a dentist that accepts denti-cal and your not waiting hours just to be seen. Me and my family are in and out with great personal service. Dr. Pham asks my kids questions how are they doing and how is school I love that as well as do they or I have questions. The only thing I don't like is they only see kids 13 and older which leaves my little one out. I highly recommend this Dentist office


Kaila L.

Stockton, CA


Doctor Kevin was a very friendly dentist to talk to. He seems very interested which is great to me because it helped ease my tension and nervousness for each of my appointments. He does a clean job without any pain on my end.


Jules Z.

Monterey, CA


Kevin Pham dental office is my favorite dentist in the area. My kids love him and his receptionist maritza! I have tried finding a reliable and kind dentist for a long time, and I always come back to Mr. Pham. I've tried other offices, but nothing compares to this one. I really appreciate how organized and professional they are, they make trips to the dentist a lot less painful.


Lena L.

Stockton, CA


Recommend you going here! He's the nicest doctor and his assistant is very nice! No pain at all. I had braces and he made sure my teeth is perfect


Kristie DH.

Stockton, CA


Thank you for fixing my two chipped front teeth. Scheduled my appointment today in the morning for today.  Came in at 2pm and left at 3pm VERY satisfied.


C. U.

San Francisco, CA


Been bringing my 85 yr. old mother here for over a year. Dr. Pham has been an outstanding, caring dentist for her since day one. He has even called her after hours to see how she was doing after having a crown put in. I totally understand all patients heal differently and sometimes gums take more time to heal than others before you can go to step 2. We have never had an issue with the staff. Sorry to see some negative comments here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office. Thank you also for having payment plans for your patients! You rock Dr. Pham!


Diana N.

Stockton, CA


First off, I just wanted to say I've always hated going to the dentist. But I did go here for my invisalign treatment then switched to traditional braces. I love love love the staffs here and the environment as well. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that I actually don't mind going here monthly AT ALL. Dr. Pham is so nice and he remembers everything that I tell him about myself. He's always asking me about school and such. I have really taken it into my consideration that I would like to become an orthodontist one day - because of them! They are so flexible with my school schedule, at-home schedule, and my decisions. And trust me, I am one complicated person! Although this place is somewhat small, it is definitely such a cute and clean place. I have been recommending this place to all of my friends!


Melinda H.

Stockton, CA


I just recently started going here. The Dr and his staff really are friendly and very nice.  I usually get really nervous when it comes to dental work but not here. They play movies to keep you pre occupied too.  Helps take away the focus on the mouth. LOL  My kids are also patience here and they like it.


Ashley R.

Stockton, CA



I hate going to the dentist.  A lot. But I woke up one Friday in January and just knew that the pain in my jaw was the bad kind of pain.

I'd never actually been to Dr. Pham before, even though I'd chosen him as my dentist for my insurance.  I called his office at 8am and the girl on the phone told me they could see me on Monday.  I begged her to see me that day.  And she came through.  Fifteen minutes later she called me back, and they fit me in at 9am.

Dr. Pham's office is excellent.  I don't NEED the movies but I don't mind them.  I did find it really nice though, that the monitor could be used to show me my digital x-rays and the failed root canal causing me so much pain.  Did you know root canals can fail?  I didn't either, but it was easy to see on the x-ray, and it was available instantly.  Dr. Pham worked with me and my insurance to make up a treatment plan.  He does suggest the "state-of-the-art" (and most expensive) treatment options, but he presents all the options, and did not push me when I went with the cheapest one.

"Proceed" being pull my tooth, do a bone graft, install an implant, place a little adapter on the implant, and place a crown.  It took several visits and several months.  But Dr. Pham is an excellent dentist.  When my crown was placed, it sat a little high in my mouth and I was worried that he wasn't going to understand what was wrong with it (I've had difficulties in the past).  But Dr. Pham knew what he was doing, and didn't stop shaping the form until I was comfortable with the fit.  I also noticed that when he's going to be doing work in my mouth for an extended period of time, he puts some Vaseline on my lips so they don't get chapped and dry.  Maybe it's the little things, but I've never had a dentist do this before!

Dr. Pham also remembers me! During the course of treatment I graduated from school, took my boards, and started a new job. Every time I go in, he asks about the next stage in my career. A fantastic change from some doctors I've had who can't even glance at the chart for my reason for visiting before they walk in the room. There were some children in the office last time I went in and it looked like they got little toys for visiting! (I'm not above bribing children to keep the dentist experience positive.)

In short: my new favorite!  I'd recommend Dr. Pham to all my friends and family.


Stacy E.

Stockton, CA


This was my first time going to the dentist in 5 years, and I was nervous to try a new dentist. After researching the dentists I could choose from for my insurance, I chose Dr. Pham, and I'm so happy I did! 

He started the appointment by introducing himself and giving me a tour of the office and treatment area. He then did the x-rays, which he explained were state-of-the-art digital x-rays which reduce the exposure to radiation. Next, he used a little camera to take pictures of the inside of my mouth, which I was able to see at the same time because he has a monitor right above the chair that displays the images. While he was reviewing the x-rays, he played short informational videos about dental health on the same monitor. And before he started the cleaning, he actually put a movie on for me to watch during the procedure.  I've never been one to be afraid of the dentist, but this was a nice feature, and I imagine would be a helpful tool for those who need something to distract them from the work being done in their mouth!

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Pham would make sure I was doing OK and felt comfortable (he even offered me a blanket because I looked cold). I am very pleased with my overall experience and impressed with the high-tech equipment...I would highly recommend Dr. Pham to anyone!!!!